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Great story and graphics! Reminds me a lot of Mystic Manor by Jikei, graphics are similar too. The MC really sounds more clueless and shy than in many other games. I really like the women with different size boobs, rather than the gigantic hooters that so many developers seem to like so much. Waiting (patiently) for the next update. No need to burn yourself out. Be well and stay safe!

Why was this amazing game so hard to find?! Put titty shots on the cover, this is so underrated

The characters interactions are HILARIOUS the hecking memes my man, genius writing 

No wonder you had a burnout, you published and updated to v3 in like 5 months with little funds, making something comfortably up there with Mythic Manor, you are a beast 

I hope to see more, it was a ride

Where did you find celeste after she sends you that nude??

This is a truly an amazing game I'm a writer that does all types of stories. I've never seen an amazing game that truly has amazing story telling and great girls to talk to with amazing personalities and I already have two favorites, I can't wait for the next update to come out. I'm wondering when do you think the next update will come out?

Hi, i just created an account just to leave this comment (and to follow u ofc lol)

I've played sylphia island a long time ago when the game stopped at serra being a catgirl and since then i've been waiting to play the next update, i did try it and.. well.. I LOVE IT. The stories are the kind that makes you wanna know what's next and i finished every detail in the game just to make sure i didn't miss a thing. The language is amazing, the story telling is on another level, and the artwork is beautiful.

My favorites are celeste and serra (waiting for some new content) but when Detta was introduced, i just loved her and can't wat to see what's coming up and I'll probably play all the next updates untill the final release.

I enjoyed this game a lot and i mean it, and I'm looking forward to complete Dett's route, wish you a good luck Glacerose :)


Wow... I just joined here just so I could post this... Sylphia Island is amazing! I've played about 6 different VN's from this site during the last month or so and this one is the best I've seen so far. The English is almost perfect, the story is interesting (can't wait for more!), and the artwork is simply brilliant. I even noticed a reference from the movie Wall-E (cool!). Also very much enjoyed the dialog with all the characters. A LOT of humorous and clever lines here!

One of the reasons I started playing these was to see stories told without limits (i.e. the porn and all). But, THIS game made me want to keep playing just because I wanted to see what would happen next. Oh, and the porn stuff is great too! ;) Gotta say, I am loving me some Lillian!

 Glacerose, this is brilliant work my friend, thank you! This one is definitely worth sparing some money on folks! I'll be keeping a close eye on this one for more updates. I really want to see where the story goes from here.

Thank you so much for the review! I love to hear that people enjoy the game :) 

My pleasure Glacerose. Really can't wait for the next update to come out. When do you expect to have the next version ready? And thank you again for this amazing content. :)

Im actually working on a new project now that should release in January. SI has temporarily been put on hold. Had a bit of burnout after working on it for so long.

Understand completely. Thank you for the reply. I can imagine the burnout after working on something like this. I am aware of how tedious it can be to get these kind of games to a certain standard and level of detail. Having had a hand in some writing myself, I can relate to that. Most people don't realize what goes into making these things. Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye on your projects Glacerose. Best of luck and keep at it!

How do I exit the minigame menu on the phone?
I keep clicking return and the phone icon, but it won't close…


Sorry for the late reply. You must be on the phone homescreen and you can click the phone icon on the UI to exit. 

It worked after I Alt+F4'd out of the game.

But at the time, hitting return looped infinitely between the rules for [rock, paper, scissors], the rules for the dice(?) game, the [play, rules, return] screen, and the choose game screen—it wouldn't go back to the phone's home screen.


When you bring the box to Alex's work, there's a line that replaces your name with hers, and even uses her name colour instead of yours.


Thank you for the report! I will fix this up


great game, i love it!!!


where can i find money? :'(

Hey there! I sent a discord message but copying here in case you miss it. 

You can find money through minigames on the phone/computer. Or through minigames at the cafe and library unlocked through Ella/Vivian  

If you run out of money, ask alex for more when shes home

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)


I really enjoyed your game so far. It totally holds up with the others.
The stories are fun and I am interested in seeing more!

In the beginning, the hair colours really irritated me and the navigation menu was confusing and hard to use, but I eventually got used to it.
Also, earning money is kind of hard, and once you run out, you can't get any back, for all I know. But that's okay, since you don't need to use any money so far in this build.

Keep it up.

If you run out you can ask alex for more in the evening :). You need it to buy a few items later on


Dang you did it lol. i dont mind saying one of the things that actually interest me in this story but its the cat references. that stuff is actually a turn on for me -cough-. just saying, good job on the update lol.


No shame haha, Cat girls are hot. Plenty of Nyan~~ stuff coming in the next update friend. :) 


yea they are lol. this will be great.


your game is amazing with a very interesting story for each of the characters. i can not wait for more updates and i also hope in the future (up to you) to add old save compatibility. keep up the good work and looking forward to more content. =)

Glad you enjoyed it! The next update comes out in 5 days so, look forward to it :)

i will :)


I love it! 

Thank you :). I'm glad you like it. The next update will be out in just over a week,  adding nearly 2 more hours of stuff.


amazing game plz keep updating it

Glad you enjoy it :). More updates are being made as we speak.

im glad