A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Sylphine is a sandbox Visual Novel built in Ren'Py that attempts to mix adult content, drama, and comedy.
His mother lost at a young age, your named MC finds himself living with one of his mothers closest friends, Alex, a social worker with a penchant for those in need. Also under her care are 4 other girls, impolite tsundere Celeste, quirky bookworm Serra, laid-back gamer girl Lillian, and airheaded but sweet nature lover Gracie. Jump into the world of Sylphine as your MC navigates the world he was left in, a world he may soon find is not everything that it seems.

• A unique story, with a focus on relationship building. Get to know the girls, their backgrounds, and what secrets they and the world may have.

• Nearly 2 1/2 hours of story content in the current version (V.01b)

•Main fetishes include (but not limited to) - Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Feet, Urination, Domination, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teasing, Tsundere, Yandere, MILF, with more to come every update (Suggestions always welcome!) 

• An open world to explore and interact with, many locations planned including a Beach, Library, Nature Trails, Bistro, Office Area, and a Mall!

• 5 Main girls with their own likes, dislikes, wants, and backgrounds to discover. 

• Multiple side characters with their own personalities, events, and stories to hear.

• 12+ Unique story events, with more being added every update. 


Install instructions

Extract the Zip file, run the executable.


Sylphine-.01-pc.zip 566 MB
sylphine.glacerose-1-universal-release.apk 388 MB


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Never commented or rated a game before but this is outstanding. I love all the characters personalities and the artwork and story is exceptional. Can't wait for more content and I am definitely gonna support on patreon. Thanks for such an awesome game dude

Will the other updates be added on here?

Bit stuck on Gracie progression. The note pad tells me to visit her on tuesday and thursday in the evening in her room but she's never there. any clue if im missing something? 

When is the next update coming out??

Soon. Working on it now

I take it there is nothing new once you hit story level 3, Alex and all girl's are up to level 20 and day 44 ??? and so far i realy enjoyed reading it and all the back stoires to each one and a shame you are only limited to the house and garden but putting all that aside was a dame good read and thanks, and is there any planed updates for it ???

many thanks 


Yeah, it caps out at story level 3 for now. Glacerose is still working on it now though, so it's not done yet.


Hi Glacerose. Created the account just to tell you that this game is simply.. AMAZING!

The storyline you're working so hard on, the character designs (especially Lillian, coz she doesn't look like a generic anime character), the music, etc.. they all synergize so well in this world you have created.

Btw, the music that comes on when you approach Lillian is just heart-melting man. Combine that with her beautiful personality and her room's visuals, just breathtaking.

Could anyone link me Lillian's music? I couldn't find it on Shazam


could you please add a trap character


Why did you need trap character for?


Fantastic potential. The graphics and character design are excellent and the dialogue isn't too wordy. I look forward to future updates. 


Awesome game! I had a fun time playing it. 

One question though. I really like the 3d model of the male character and I have some things in mind with it, are the 3d models of the game available somewhere?


This is a game wich we all deserved! 

Keep up the good work,  mate! 


I am at day 30 it seems like this game is in loop after arya character intro and i dont know is this cryatal thing is fake please help me

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The crystal isn't a thing as of yet. It SHOULD come in later updates though.


you must have put so much work into this it looks amazing. It looks like you started another game and then it morphed into this? based on a quick look through your patreon. That bit with serra upset made me cry a bit I'm aspergers/autistic and she seems kind of on the spectrum (probably just reading into it too much) but I got her panic and how overwhelmed she got I really like that she has a nice boss that takes care of her. Anyway thanks I look foward to seeing more of this 

Will this game be available for linux? I got it to run on my computer but the website doesn't show it is compatible for this OS. I wonder if later versions will also have support for it.

V.02 will have a linux distribution available.

I really have to ask. I got the first one "Sylphia Island", what's the difference with this one?

A new story, updated graphics. Better overall.

are you going to stop with Sylphia Island?


I loved the game, everything is beautiful! Thanks for the great game Glacerose! I hope the game get known by more people so I made a video about it! 


Thanks so much! Just watched the video the effort you put into it is incredible! So glad you liked V.01 and hope you like V.02 when it comes out!

Super excited to see more! Love the girls and I want to know them more, and the other characters presented! Much love Glace <3


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I'll be supporting this game Via patron when I'm paid next week! Thanks for the great game! Keep up the good work!


I love the new look. I think that the new 3d is astonishing. I think it's one of the best quality wise I have ever played.

Thank you!

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I have interest in playing the game and I will play it. Just making this comment to say: I saw that you're open to suggestions about the fetishes but please, for the love of every god from every possible religion out there... DON'T put NTR in the game not even if someone asks you to... 

Just that, thank you. Now let me get to the game and see where it goes ^^


I hate NTR, it will never appear

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thank the gods you do, you're a normal person XD

And hello again. I took my time while playing the game (and I'm not done yet) and I must say: FUCKING amazing so far. The enviroment, the characters, the music. Everything carefully chosen and created.

I have this thing where I know that I'll like the game/VN/etc. once it makes me "feel at home" from the get-go, and that means remiding me of some other game that I played and liked through characters, elements in the enviroment, etc. and Sylphine was one of those who did it. 

The feeling of "being at home" kicked in right in the first scene. It reminded me of Mythic Manor and some other "magical-themed" games all at once, specially because it says like: "see this game here? It isn't only about sex in every way possible. There's a STORY for you, ya fucker. Now go out there and take care of the bussiness!" 

What made the feeling stronger was some of the characters, special attention to Alex and Lillian who gave me Esther and Jade vibes right off the bat, except for Lillian's "sad girl" jokes about suicide and such. (Small detail: I don't mean that anything that gives me the feeling of being at home means that the thing is identical, like Alex reminds me of Esther but I know that she's unique, she just reminds me of another character that I like. It's just a thing that I like to feel)

Overall I'm loving the game and I do intend to finish it and keep playing as the updates come out BUT (unfortunately yeah... there's a BUT) there's only two things that I've seen as negative points, and they're negative on a "personal" level let's say, they're elements that I didn't like that much so no need to take them too seriously since they're just my opinion and not actually things that NEED to change like you would do in Q.o.L. improvements:

1 - one thing that I always pay attention to is immersion. Specially in "hybrid" projects like yours which gives us a nice VN with an actual story to see and also gives us the open world stuff (Game + VN). And do you know what almost completely destroys immersion, at least for me? Showing the MCs face. It feels like there's no point in naming the character, for an example, because it doesn't feel like that's "me" there. 

2 - The personality of the MC is also a key feature for me, specially when we have his/her backstory involved, and when personality and backstory don't match things kind of get off the rails for me.

I will give two examples here of two VNs (without naming them) where this happens: one where the MC gets out of "jail" after being there for like 6 years or so, and instead of being a cold, distant guy, he is a fucking dumbass and acts like a playboy. And the other one where the MC had a (female) friend who suddenly dissapeared and then, when we play as him in present time, he acts like if the girl was murdered right in front of him. Acts like an asshole to most of the people he meets and all he does is cry alone in his room just because his friend is gone for some fucking reason, a reason that he doesn't even know so why should he cry about it?

I feel that this happened in the game, at least a bit. The MC lost his mother and Alex just told him that it was an accident. It would be easy to doubt about it and, even if he didn't want to investigate and just let it go, the scars would stay on him wanting them or not, and then when you add the weird dreams that he's having it all adds up. SO that said, I wasn't expecting some depressed, drug addict guy but I kind of didn't expect an MC that was so goofy and kind of dumb given both his backstory AND the current events "inside his mind".

Welp... I'm sorry because this text was long as F U C K ^^" 

I hope I didn't sound too hyper critical about things. Loved the game, I will get to whatever else I can on this version and then wait for the new ones. Thank you for reading this long ass "analysis" of some dumbass who doesn't know what he's doing with his life! ^^

(There probably were a ton of wrong things, typos and such so... I'm sorry. English is not my first language but I have been studying for +7 years and... yeah)

Could you tell me what to do after day 30 game seemed to be on loop and it i didnt faound any crystal  and no map location unlocked what to do

It's still 0.1 so I believe that the story ends there for now. Everything else will come with 0.2 and the other ones down the road. 


nice^ω^...looking forward for this game

good work!!!^_^


Great game, interesting story and characters. Graphics are really good, too.


So glad you like it! Thanks for playing!